Donation Requests

Jumpin' Jacks is happy to take all donation requests large or small for consideration. Due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate every request.

Jumpin Jacks, it's owners, employees, and volunteers must be named additionally insured for the event with coverage of no less that $1,000,000.

Please complete the following information and email it to

The following information must be in your email request for consideration:

1) Name:

2) Address and Phone Number

3) Organization Name

4) Is the organization a 5013(c)

5) Event Date

6) Event Location

7) Preferred Item(s) Requested

8) Tell us about your Organization

9) Tell us about your event

10) Expected attendance

11) How many years have you held this event

12) Do you have volunteers that will be able to monitor the inflatables at all times

13) Is there anything that can be offered to Jumpin' Jacks of similar value in return for the donation? (example: Jumpin Jacks name in flyers at event, an email sent out to participants, etc.)

14) Are you a customer of Jumpin Jacks?

15) You will need to list Jumpin Jacks, it's owners, officers, employees and volunteers as additional insured with coverage of no less that $1,000,000.

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