Margarita Machine Instructions |

Margarita Machine Instructions

How to Operate the Margarita and Slushy Machine

Step 1: Make your Margarita or Slushy Mix!

Margarita Mix with Alcohol: Pour in one bottle of provided Margarita Slush Flavoring, Pour in 1.75L bottle of Tequila. Fill to the minimum line on machine with water. This is approximately one and a half fills of the margarita mix bottle with water. Taste. If too strong add more water but do not fill past the maximum line as the margarita will expand while freezing.

Non-Alcoholic Margarita: Pour in one bottle of provided Margarita Slush flavoring and fill to minimum line with water. Do not fill past maximum line.

Non-Alcoholic Slushy: Pour in one bottle of provided slushy mix and fill the rest of the way to the minimum line with water. If too sweet add additional water but do not fill past maximum line.

Step 2: Set switch to Snow Flake. This setting will freeze your Margarita or Slushy. If not set to Snow Flake it will not freeze. Turn on power switch. You will hear the compressor turn on at this point and machine will start mixing and freezing your drinks! Please note it takes approximately two hours for the margarita machine to freeze alcoholic drinks for indoor locations. The machine may take longer if outside on a hot day or in direct sunlight. If weather is foretasted to be over 90 degrees outside it is best to have the machine set up inside as such hot weather may prevent freezing.

Helpful Hints For the Margarita Machine

What do I do if the machine is leaking?

Answer: The machine will naturally drip some water over time into the catch as the machine will create some condensation from freezing the liquid. If there is leaking of the actual margarita or slushy then the acrylic bowl and gasket seal has been broken. To fix this first drain all product from inside the bowl. Once drained lift up the accrylic bowl and pull it forward. Inspect the gasket in the back and reseal with accrylic bowl. Add the drained product back in the bowl and double check for leaks again.
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What do I do if it is not freezing?

Answer: First check that the machine settings to see if someone has accidentally changed the setting. (This is the most common problem) Ensure the switch is clicked down towards snowflake. If still on snowflake and it has been 2 hours please touch the side of the bowl and if the liquid feels like it is cool then the machine is working. If it has not frozen at this point it may be because it is too hot outside or the machine is in direct sunlight. Consider moving the machine to a different location. If the previous steps do not help and the machine is sharing a circuit (not an outlet but a circuit) with other electronics, it may not be able to pull enough power to freeze. Please ensure it is on a circuit with no other electronic devices. If still not working please call us at 707-578-1140.
What do I do if the machine is over freezing?

This can happen after prolonged usage. Simply flip the switch from snowflake up towards raindrop for a few minutes. Once the desired consistency is reached flip back towards snowflake. Repeat as necessary.
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What if I want to make multiple batches?

You can absolutely make additional batches, however the machine will need to refreeze the newly added mix. There are some things you can do to expedite the process. First, if making an alcoholic beverage, you can place your alcohol ahead of time in the freezer. If you ordered additional mixes you can place them in your refrigerator to lower their temperature as well.


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