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Combo units jumps

Click here for jump, slides and obstacle course units (5 n 1)

Click here for jump and slide units (3 n 1's and 4 n 1's)

Jump / slides combos 3 in 1's and 4 in 1's

The 3 in 1's have an area for jumping, climbing and sliding, the 4 in 1's also have a basketball hoop

Click pictures to enlarge and see details including space requirements.

animals farm in petaluma
Animal Farm 4n1

baseball  in sonoma county
Baseball 4n1

batman 4 in 1
Batman 4n1

battle star jump slide
Battle star 4n1

birthday 4 in 1
Birthday 4n1

cars 4 in 1
Cars 4n1

castle 3 in 1
Castle 3n1

disney princess 4 in 1
Dinosaurs 4n1

disney princess 4 in 1
Disney 4n1

dora the explorer 4 in 1
Dora 4n1

fairyland jump in slide
Fairyland 4n1

fireman jump in slide
Fire 4n1

fun house 4 in 1
Fun house 4n1

incredibles 4 in 1
Incredibles 4n1

jungle jump in slide
Jungle 4n1

kitty and puppy 4 in 1
Kitty and Puppy 4n1

luau 4 in 1
Luau 4n1

monster trucks 4 in 1
Monster Trucks 4n1

pirates 4 in 1
Pirates 4n1

pony and horses 4 in 1
Ponies and Horses 4n1

robocar 4 in 1
Robocar 4n1

scooby doo 4 in 1
Scooby doo 4n1

sea life 3 in 1
Sea life 3n1

sponge bob 4 in 1
Sponge Bob 4n1

sports 4 in 1
Sports 4n1

sports arena 4 in 1
Sport arena 4n1

strawberry shortcake 4 in 1
Strawberry 4n1

superman 4 in 1
Superman 4n1

western 4 in 1
Western 4n1


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5 in 1 = Jump and slides and obstacle course

These jumps have and area for jumping, climbing, sliding, obstacle course, and a basketball hoop.

Need to set up in a front yard or we need to able to drive our truck to set up location.

Click pictures to enlarge and see details including space requirements


farm animals jump slide obstacle
Animal farm 5n1

baseball jump slide obstacle
Baseball 5n1

batman 5 in 1
Batman 5n1

battle star adventure
Battlestar 5n1

birthday 5 in 1
Birthday 5n1

disney cars 5 in 1
Cars 5n1

dinosaurs 5 in 1
Dinosaurs 5n1

disney princess 5 in 1
Disney 5n1

dora the explorer 5 in 1
Dora 5n1

fairyland 5 in 1
Fairyland 5n1

fireman 5 in 1
Fireman 5n1

fun house 5 in 1
Fun house 5n1

incredibles 5 in 1
Incredibles 5n1

jungle 5 in 1
Jungle 5n1

kitties and puppies
Kitty and Puppy 5n1

luau 5 in 1
Luau 5n1

monster truck 5 in 1
Monster Truck 5n1

pirate 5 in 1
Pirate 5n1

pony and horses 5 in 1
Ponys and Horses 5n1

robocar 5 in 1
Robocar 5n1

scooby doo 5 in 1
Scooby Doo 5n1

sponge bob 5 in 1
Sponge Bob 5n1

sports 5 in 1
Sports 5n1

strawberry shortcake 5 in 1
Strawberry 5n1

Superman 5n1

western 5 in 1
Western 5n1

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