Where Can You Set Up a Bounce House

Safe Set Up Surfaces

  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Cement
  • Driveway
  • Astro-turf
  • Bark
  • Smooth Gravel

Not Acceptable Set Up Areas

  • Sand
  • Steep Inclines (steeper than standard driveway)
  • Near low hanging power lines
  • Near Water

Grass Set Up

A grass set up surface is the 1st choice for bounce houses for two reasons. First, its soft and cool to the touch for your children's feet as they exit the inflatable. We are also able to stake the inflatable down which anchors the jump house securely. Remember whether you choose Jumpin' Jacks for your bounce house rentals or some one else, make sure they are always properly anchoring the equipment. Jumpin' Jacks staff are trained in proper staking and anchoring of all our inflatable equipment.

Driveway Set Up

Jumpin' Jacks staff are trained to set up our jump houses in driveways following a specific set of guidelines with safety of your children and guests in mind. Our staff will set up the inflatable entrance/exit facing the garage to encourage the kids to stay away from the street. Most of our inflatable bounce houses will fit in a two car drive way with no issues. Jumpin' Jacks will bring sand bags to anchor the inflatable properly and for your children and guests safety.

Hard Surface Set Up (Cement, Gravel, etc.)

It is common for bounce houses to be set up on hard surfaces like cement, gravel, or bark. Our staff will lay tarps underneath our unit to protect it as well as give your children and guests a comfortable area to remove their shoes. Our staff have been trained in proper anchoring and use of sand bags for our inflatables on non-stake-able surfaces such as cement.
Have questions about your specific set up location or surface, give us a call at 707-578-1140. Take a look at more bounce house safety rules and reminders here. Click here if you are ready to order your bounce house today!

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