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If you need to change your party time, please call us at least by Wednesday of the week of your party, if not sooner. In some cases we may not be able to change your time.  Our delivery routes have a tight schedule that we must stick to in order to make sure everyone gets their equipment on time and picked up in a timely manner.

If you want to keep your jump overnight please schedule this in advanced at time of booking. Due to the high volume of orders we may not be able to accommodate last second requests.
These units way a couple hundred pounds or more. We will NOT deliver more than 5 steps. Count your steps (stairs). We will not go up/down steep paths. If there is small slope the path must be paved. If you have stairs in your yard the path is probably too steep. At arrival if the driver feels the path is too steep they will not deliver the jump to that location. This is a safety issue and we want to ensure no injuries happen. You will still be responsible for the rental fee if we can not deliver. If you can easily move a refrigerator to your set up location without help then we can deliver our inflatable there. If moving a refrigerator to the set up location would be difficult for you then it is not a acceptable pathway for us bring our jumps to. For our employees safety they have been instructed to refuse to deliver the inflatables  to unsafe locations (using their judgement) .  Before ordering the inflatable it is your responsibility to select a safe location the inflatable will be delivered to and fit in.
At this time we are not setting up in public or community parks.

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