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Frequently Asked Questions

The set up area depends on the unit. When looking through our site and finding a Bouncer that you like, click on the "More Info" link and you will see the setup area needed for that particular item. As a good rule of thumb most Bouncers will fit in a standard two car driveway. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate space for the rented equipment.

We do need a clear pathway to and from the set up location. Most smaller items (classic bouncers and small combos) need approximately 3-3.5 ft clearance to be moved through. Larger items such as obstacle courses and water slides need 4-6ft clearance to move through. Please call us if you have concerns about access to your set up location.
Unfortunately, the inflatables were not designed for rain. Even in light rain the water comes in the inflatable. The roofs are sun covers and are not designed to keep the rain out. You can cancel up to the morning of your party if there is foretasted rain for your event date. We will not deliver on rainy days due to safety. Inflatables become very slick when wet and unsafe to jump in.

We do not charge a cancellation fee due to weather and will refund any deposit or payment already made for the rental due to rain. If it starts to rain during your party there are not any refunds.
As we deliver further away we incur additional costs including labor, fuel, and reduces the number of deliveries that can be made on that vehicle. The travel fee helps cover the additional cost of travel beyond our immediate delivery area. We will end up traveling to and from your location twice, so if you are 30 miles away we are actually traveling a total of 120 miles to get to your location and will have 2+ hours of travel time for the one delivery. In order to accommodate further travel minimum orders and travel fees have been assessed accordingly.

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