Jumpin Jacks Company Policies

Deposit for Your Rental Reservation

We require a 20% deposit at time of booking to secure your reservation. This deposit is only refundable in the event of rain or an act of god (high winds, fires, etc.) If you need to still cancel your party due to an unforeseen circumstance (schedule conflict, illness, etc). You can use your deposit for another event up to one year after your original booking date. Once the delivery is made, there are no refunds.

Inclement Weather Rain Cancellation Policy

Rain Forecasted For Delivery/Pick Up Date But Not Party Date: In the event that it looks like rain on our scheduled delivery day and/or pick up day but not your party date, we will reach out to you. We will need to reschedule your party to a same day delivery/pick up. The party time will need to be limited to 4-hours between 11:00am and 5:00pm as we will be condensing an entire day of deliveries and an entire day of pick ups into a single day (and other parties may be trying to switch dates as well due to rain on their event date). We will not charge for same day delivery/pick up as neither Jumpin' Jacks or you can control the weather (But if you can please tell the rain to go away and come again another day). We will also not be able to offer any discounts due to the inclement weather as we will be incurring additional costs due to less efficient routes and overtime to get to everyone's parties.

Rain Forecasted For Your Event Date: In the event of rain on your scheduled event date we unfortunately will not be able to set up your rentals and will issue a full refund of your deposit or complete payment if you paid in advanced. We will cancel/reschedule all events with a forecast of 40% or above day of the event. You can also cancel at anytime due to poor weather forecast for a full refund. If we deliver and it rains during your event there are no refunds as we have already done the work and incur additional costs to dry the units.

Due to the ever changing nature of weather patterns and predictions, we do not cancel events if rain is foretasted until 24 hours before the event. Often times we will see a 100% chance of rain 10 days before in the forecast and by the time the actual day comes the forecast has changed to no rain.

Wind Policy

Inflatables are essentially balloons and can be very dangerous in high wind situations. We do anchor all of our equipment with either stakes or sandbags. If possible, a location where we can stake is safer than using sand bags. If the weather is forecasting winds on the event date of 15mph or above we will not deliver and give a full refund of deposit or entire payment if paid in advanced. In the event the wind unexpectedly picks up during your event, please turn off the blower until the wind calms down. Like a balloon, when inflated the wind will carry them away, deflated they will lay flat on the ground.

Setup Surface Fees

Due to the additional weight and time it takes to set up a unit with sand bags we charge $3 per sand bag needed. When booking online the website will charge accordingly. If possible please choose a set up area where we can safely stake the unit as it anchors the unit more securely as well and can avoid the additional charge.

Cleaning Fees

Absolutely no Silly String, gum, candy, food, drinks, confetti, sand, water, hay, attaching, or taping items to, or other substances are allowed in or around the JUMPIN JACKS unit. If upon pick up, such cleaning is required then a $50.00 (or $1,000.00 if it is silly string or glitter) cleaning fee plus any additional labor incurred shall be immediately due payable by Lessee.

Last Second Changes to Your Reservation

Please let us know if you would like to make any changes to your order with as much advanced notice as possible. There are times of the year that are extremely busy (end of school, holidays, etc) that we will stop taking orders weeks in advanced. Making last second changes to delivery/pick up times can be extremely difficult. If you need specific accommodations for your delivery/pick up times please call our office at 707-578-1140 so we can notate your order and plan ahead. Please note there is a $35 time sensitive fee for orders that need to be dropped off or picked up withing 1 hour of start and end time, $80 if you need an exact time of arrival/pick up.

Stairs and Steep Inclines

Inflatables can be extremely heavy ranging from 200lbs-600lbs. Although we do use dollies to maneuver the equipment, going uphill or stairs with the equipment is unsafe for our employees and we will not deliver. If you have questions about the path to your set up location please call us at 707-578-1140.

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