Cotton Candy Making Instructions

How to Make Cotton Candy Cones

Step 1: Make sure the cotton candy machine's head is unlocked. Depending on model there are either two screws on top that must be lowered all the way, or there are black handle bars on the side that rotate vertically to unlock the head. Warning: If you do not unlock the head you can break the machine and the cotton candy will not be made properly.

Step 2: Plug in the machine

Step 3: Adjust the temperature to high. Note: you will adjust this lower once the machine is producing cotton candy.

Step 4: Pour in the cotton candy floss into the head of the machine. You shouldn't pour more than a quarter cup at a time for best results. If the machine head is over filled the machine will spit out lots of hard sugar vs tasty spun cotton candy.

Step 5: Turn on both switches and watch the cotton candy being produced. As cotton candy is produced collect with the cone. It is best to spin the cone while collecting to create a tighter cone that can hold more cotton candy. Warning: Never place hands inside bowl while the machine is in use.

Step 6: Keep making cones until the sugar in the head is used up. Then turn off the machine and add more floss and turn the machine on again. Warning: DO NOT TOUCH THE HEAD of the machine. It will be extremely hot from cooking the sugar.

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