Jumpin Jacks On Time Guarantee

On Time Gurantee

Why we offer a guarantee

Many of us here at Jumpin' Jacks have children and understand how important it is to make sure your child has a fun birthday, so we take being on time with bringing the fun to your event very seriously. So if we don't have your item(s) set up and ready to go by the start time of your event, we won't charge you a thing.

How do you verify the delivery was on time?

When we deliver a unit, the driver will verify the delivery was made through our app which time stamps the verification. The driver will also take a picture of the set up unit(s) which saves to your particular order and has a time stamp as well.

Are there any exceptions to the On Time Guarantee?

There are only two situations where the Guarantee is not valid:

1) When we arrive for set up, you must be present. If you are not present we unfortunately can not start the set up process and this will void the on time guarantee. To help prevent this we call you the day before or Friday before (for Sunday/Monday events) with a delivery window of 30 minutes that you should be expecting us.

2) If you require a specific set up time in which set up isn't feasible to be ready for start time.

Example: Your rentals take 30 minutes to set up. You rent a venue and we can not start setting up until 12:45 pm for a 1pm start time. This restriction makes it impossible for us to be on time so the Guarantee would not be valid.

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