Popcorn Machine Instructions

How to Make Popcorn

Step 1: Turn on all the switches (Some machines have multiple, some have only one)

Step 2: Allow the Kettle to heat (Approximately 2-3 minutes)

Step 3: Cut oil side of packet and pour into kettle.

Step 4: Immediately after oil melts cut popcorn kernel side of the packet and pour into kettle.

Helpful Hint: If you have someone who prefers no salt on their popcorn you can first cut a small hole in the corner of the kernel side of packet and pour out the salt before pouring kernels into kettle.

Step 5: Close the lid to kettle and let pop.

Step 6: Once popping is done (similar to microwaved popcorn) pour out the popcorn and turn off switches that run kettle. It is okay to leave heating lamp switch on.

Step 7: Scoop, Serve, and Enjoy!

Warning: Kettle gets hot. Avoid direct contact to avoid burns.

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