Water Slide Cleaning

Jumpin' Jacks always brings clean and sanitized water slides and other inflatable rentals to your birthday party or event. After we pick up the water slide from a party or event we reinflate the unit at our facility and fully sanitize it utilizing a power washer and disinfectant. We let the sanitizer sit on the inflatable for 10 minutes and then we rinse and wipe it down. We continue to let it air dry as we move on to the next inflatable to allow it to fully dry. Why is this important that we do this? Not only is sanitizing it killing any potential bacteria or viruses, but also ensuring the inflatable does not mildew between rentals. By renting from Jumpin' Jacks you know you are getting a clean and wonderful water slide that you deserve for your birthday party or event.
Water Slide Sanitation

Water Slide Safety

All Jumpin' Jacks staff are trained in proper installation and anchoring of all of our equipment before setting up for customers. All staff are also instructed to decline set up if it is potentially dangerous for you or your guests. We will always inspect the set up location to ensure the equipment will fit properly and make recommendations to you if a different orientation or location would be better. Once the water slide or other inflatable equipment is set up, our staff will once again do a sanitation of the equipment for additional peace of mind for you and your guests.

It is important that you also select the proper equipment and set up surface to be used as we also bring the proper anchoring tools based off the information provided. We will not set up if the set up surface has changed and we do not have the proper anchoring equipment on hand. This is especially important for water slides as they can be extremely tall and must be properly anchored to safely be used.

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