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Water Slide Rentals Santa Rosa, Ca

During the Summer nothing is better than cooling off while having fun with our water slide rentals in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sonoma County Area. Below you can get a close up view of our awesome water slides. First up is the 15' Flash slide. This red white and blue classic is perfect for kids of all ages. Our biggest water slides are our brand new 19' foot water slides. These slides are great for both kids and adults. The first is the Purple Thunder 19' Water Slide. The other slide is the Ocean Battle 19' Water Slide that has octopus tentacles coming out of it! Of course we still have out classic Splash Down Water Slide and our Slip N Slide rental as well.
Ocean Battle 19

Ocean Battle 19' Water Slide

Ocean Battle 19' Water Slide offers a splashing good time for your summer time party.

Features: Non slip material on the front loading stairs. Front Loading allows for minimal mud created from entering and exiting the pool. Water bladder featured at the top for even distribution of water for a fun and smooth ride. Extra large and extended splash pool for safe landing. Overhead netting fully encloses the top of the water slide for safety. Warning label includes scan code for easy viewing of safety video. Recommended for ages 6 and up

Ocean Battle 19' Water Slide
Purple Thunder 19

Purple Thunder 19' Water Slide

Purple Thunder will send you flying down the slide lightening quick into a cool pool of water to splash in.

Features: Front loading slide for easy access to go down the slide again. Also reduces muddy area created from water slides. Non slip material on climbing stairs. Extra large and extended splash pool to ensure a safe landing. Fully enclosed netting at top of the slide. Warning label includes scan code for easy viewing of safety video. Recommended for ages 6 and up .

Purple Thunder 19' Water Slide

Flash 15' Water Slide

Splish Splash who's riding the Flash 15' Water Slide? This red white and blue 15' water slide has the perfect design to fit into any party. Whether you need a water slide for your Fourth of July BBQ or birthday party.

Features: This red white and blue 15' water slide includes non-slip front loading stairs. Splash pad of water for splashing into at the bottom which is fully inflated for a safe and smooth ride. Safety net is installed and encloses the entirety of the top of the slide. This slide also includes a warning label with QR code to scan for easy viewing of safety video. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Flash 15' Water Slide

Take a look at the 15" Flash slide to the left. Great fun to be had by both kids and adults alike. Includes a water bladder at the top for an even distribution of water down the slide for a fun and fast ride.

If its too cold for water during the fall and spring, this slide is great to also be used dry and have a sliding good time as well. This slide can safely be set up on both cement and grass alike.
Splash Down Water Slide Rental

Splash Down Water Slide

This is the all time summer favorite. Climb up the back of this slide and come sliding down into the cool pool of water below. This water slide is a huge SPLASH hit! Features: This is a rear loading slide with non-slip material stairs. Large and extended pool. Top of the slide is fully enclosed with installed safety net. Recommended for ages 4 and up

Splash Down Water Slide
Slip and Slide Rental

Slip and Slide

Who's ready for a slip sliding good time? Get a running start and slip down this cool slide at exhilarating speeds provides hours of fun. Cannot be setup on dirt. This slip n slide rental includes a soaker hose that keeps the slide wet so the fun never ends. Can be setup on flat cement and grass. Features: 30 ft of slip and slide lane and soaker hose. Soaker hose needs very little water pressure in order to create a fun and slippery runway. Safety bumper at end of the slip and slide. Recommended for ages 6

Slip and Slide

We Offer the Most Unique Water Slides in the Sonoma County and Marin County area

If you are tired of the same look of water slides with the simple red blue and yellow colors then our slides are the ones for you. Each of Jumpin' Jacks inflatable water slides offer a special design for your party from our flash water slide with its cool red, blue, and white marbled design to our ocean battle water slide with giant tentacles coming out of the slide.

Water Slides & More

Jumpin Jacks also offers Dunk Tank Rentals and other Water Fun. If you are looking for a slide that can be used indoors or without water we have some fantastic dry slides and Combo Bounce Houses which have a slide attatched.

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